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Week Eighty Three - Sunday, August 8 2010

On the way home last night I slowed my pace because my ankle was lagging and when I got home and took my shoe off I was stunned to see there was virtually no swelling. And when I got out of bed this morning I was again surprised at the lack of swelling and discoloration. Maybe this thing is actually healing!

I putt up and over Ken's Cannon hill in seriously nasty gear just because the ankle is not complaining.

Jer and I are then off to the market for the week and I _may_ have gotten confused with where to put my truck key and where to put my sunglasses because when we got back to the car with all of the goodies both my sunglasses and my truck key were on the console in the locked truck. I don't think that many of our neighbors noticed me pushing the shopping cart up to my doorstep but I could be mistaken. And if I thought for a moment that yesterday's trip with the hand truck in tow was a potential embarrassment then today I'm certain. And she's still speaking to me. After one trip on foot and two trips in various cars today I'm happy to report that the ankle has had enough exercise for the day.


Okay, it doesn't look as good as her's or his but it still looks good just the same. Minimal swelling and decent color - I couldn't be happier.


We are traveling to Crestline for a 5k race tomorrow morning. One of the girls that Jer is walking with has a house right on the lake and also right on the race course and we have been invited to spend the night before the race.


I'm not up for as much fun as the Crestline "Run through the pines" 5k might provide but I am definitely up for acting as the official greeter for all of the race participants. Must be my shy demeanor.

Week Eighty Four - Sunday, August 15 2010

My ankle is a little sore today after all of the standing around yesterday. Nothing is sticking out at a strange angle so I'm not worried but it's tender enough that I'm checking pretty closely.

Overall, the swelling has remained down and all of the pieces look good. I have been thinking that my next appointment in a month was going to show everything all healed up but with all of this residual soreness I'm no longer expecting such a bright report card.


I'm back from a road trip for work that took me through the heart of gold country, right down highway 49. Not much walking or exercise but a nice drive.

Week Eighty Five - Sunday, August 22 2010

The swelling isn't going down any but it's not getting any larger either so I'm taking that as a good sign. Some days are better than others but the overall level of ability is improving. I find that I can move down stairs more rapidly and I seem to recover more quickly from a static position to walking without a limp, ofter just a couple of steps. I'm sure some of that is my memory and a tendency to favor the leg so I'm working on that too.

Up and over Ken's hill and in the process I _may_ have cheated and grabbed a little dirt trail action. Not to worry though as it was level and rut-free.


I've taken the day off to run a few errands, the last of which includes washing windows at my Mom's house, but before that I'm having lunch at Q Tortas in Placentia. Before I digress too far let me mention that I found a new owner for the boot. Mike of Coffee Klatch fame had a small mishap with his dirt bike and busted up five of the small bones in his right foot. His Doctor wrote him a prescription for a similar, fixed bottom boot and he has yet to drag his bruised body over to the medical supply store to fill the order so I jump in and offer up mine. Like the crutches, I would just as soon get them out of my house before I decide that I could use them in some weak moment and even better to find all this stuff a good home.

let's get back to washing windows and the support tasks associated with that sort of activity. I need to move a large glass patio table, a ladder, and a number of chairs to complete this task and there lies the rub - carrying stuff, especially heavy stuff. A lot of standing makes the ankle stiff but not necessarily sore. Heavy lifting makes the ankle sore. And angry. For several days. The problem is that this fact never occurs to the ankle owner until after he's done lifting or carrying.


Yea, that's right. This broken appendage is still a little sore. It was very sore Wednesday morning and has been getting better each day but I can still feel it this afternoon.

Week Eighty Six - Sunday, August 29 2010

You know all that babelishious that I've been trying to feed you? Well, it's just that. I demonstrated today that I can carry 110 lbs and not destroy the ankle so that means that it's not the extra weight but the standing. hip There's an entire story there that we're not going to cover but suffice it to say that my Mom fell and broke her hip yesterday. She's fine but the important part is that I managed to carry all 110 lbs. of her out of the house and into the car and the leg was fine.

Week Eighty Seven - Sunday, September 5 2010

I haven't made much progress on healing this last week but I can report that it hasn't gotten any worse. I expected to pay for the "carry out of the house" incident and was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. I did spend a fair amount of time standing this last week and that definitely appears to be the culprit.

Did I mention that the boot has made a couple of trips to Columbia and Brazil since I passed it on? I hope that unmarked van across the street is not the D.E.A.


We walked the L.A. County Fair this evening and I even parked in the boonies so that I could get the full effect. We were there about four and a half hours and I followed strict guidelines that included: 1) you must keep moving so there will be no standing; 2) no sitting, 3) you need to save enough so you can get back to the car, and finally 4) you lose points for breaking the leg. I didn't do too badly - I got two out of the four. It was still early, my Wife was having a good time, and I didn't feel the need to impose my rules on her and make her eat dinner while walking, so we sat.

Week Eighty Eight - Sunday, September 12 2010

Don't worry, there was plenty of ice last night and again today. There wasn't much, if any, swelling but there is plenty of soreness. Not enough to never go to the Fair again but enough to no go again this season.

Later in the afternoon I rode my bike around and that helped quite a bit.

Week Eighty Nine - Sunday, September 19 2010

Bike ride included a walk


Doctor visit image image image image image

Week Ninety - Sunday, September 26 2010

No bike ride

Week Ninety One - Sunday, October 3 2010

Trim some trees & threaten to plant a winter garden


Off to Katherine's Landing

Week Ninety Two - Sunday, October 10 2010


Back from Lake Mojave

Week Ninety Three - Sunday, October 17 2010

Actually plant the garden

End here?

Week Ninety Four - Sunday, October 24 2010

Week Ninety Five - Sunday, October 31 2010

Week One Hundred Thirty One - Sunday, July 17 2011

They said that it couldn't be done but I've gone and done it. I actually ran this evening. No, not around the block or even down the street but I ran and lived to tell about it. There's a story here but we'll save that for another day. Suffice it to say, the ankle is attached to stay.

Week One Hundred Thirty Two - Sunday, July 24 2011

We lost a close and dear family member today. Jer added four years to his life my managing his diet and getting him to all the right Doctors but in the end, he went gently on the couch. His body didn't have anything left and his little heart just gave up.

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Pete's boot in Columbia - 9/10

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