1/30/96 Pre-pull on fiberoptic cable down street Pre-pull contractor

1/31 Finish pre-pull Pre-pull contractor

5/21 Pulled Fiber into building GTE cable crew - fiber install spliced 4 of 24 cond into 144 conductor fiber already in street

7/15 Survey crew #2

7/17 Set Pole Hole drilling crew Concrete saw crew Excavation crew Pole transport crew Crane (California Crane) Survey crew #2 Concrete sample inspector Readymix Chato pole crew GTE PacBell SCG

7/18 Install earth ground Chatco earth ground crew Concrete sample pick-up Electrical contractor - drop-off conduit

7/19 Install brick containment wall Excavation crew Masonry contractor Readymix

7/20 Finish brick wall Masonry contractor

7/22 Install underground utilities Excavation Crew Electrical contractor Broken gas main - 1 1/2 hr building evacuation SCG/Fire Dept/ GTE fiber crew - site not ready

7/23 Pour slab at antenna Electrical contractor (Excel) Concrete slab Crew Ready mix concrete Paving contractor

7/25 site cleanup Concrete slab Crew

7/28 Electronics (BTS) drop-off and bolt down Note: this is a Sunday!

7/29 Install electrical - electrical conduit and boxes Chatco antenna crew - set LNAs, wire antenna Electrical contractor

7/30 Install electrical - electrical conduit and boxes - part 2 Electrical contractor Pac Bell inspection Chatco site test supervisor Water Truck for site cleanup

7/31 Test antenna Chatco site test crew - HP 8714B RF Network Analyzer Final electrical inspection - postponed

8/1 Install electrical - fiber conduit Electrical contractor Final electrical inspection - second postponment

8/5 Rework electrical - move box at site Electrical contractor Chatco antenna crew - finished coax termination

8/6 Extended fiber to BTS GTE cable crew - needed 3 extra feet?????

8/7 Terminate fiber at BTS GTE cable crew - pulled 4 pair into wire to site GTE fiber crew - terminated 4 fibers into BTS

8/8 Test Fiber at BTS GTE Fiber crew - Used OTDR on fiber, then setup communication over the link.

8/12 Construct conduit for coax between pole and BTS Welding contractor builds tamper-proof box to enclose coax and pole access

8/14 Paint pole Chatco antenna crew - prime and paint pole dings and scratches, finish up misc grounds and connections.

8/28 PBMS BTS Setup Pac Bell technician powered up the BTS, tested local functionality and land-based telephone connections (DS-1 x 2)

8/30 Ericsson BTS integration Ericsson and PBMS technicians connected the antennas and tested Tx and Rx. So I made a call to the shop!

Let's see the pictures!